Colombia - Ecuador - Panama - Peru

Now in its 21st year, Expo-Estudiante is the leading international student recruitment fair series in Spanish-speaking Latin America.

Expo-Estudiante takes place in every major student market in Latin America (except Brazil) and consistently attracts students that have both the financial & academic ability to study abroad. In September Expo-Estudiante will visit Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru in one concise tour.

Our partnership local consulates, top universities and high schools ensure that you will meet quality students who have the academic and financial ability to study overseas. The fairs are further enhanced by the active support and participation of key scholarship and funding agencies such as COLFUTURO and Fulbright in Colombia, SENESCYT in Ecuador and IFARHU in Panama. 

What’s included in the exhibitor package?
*  A customised marketing campaign that promotes your institution, course levels and destinations

*  A fully fitted exhibition stand, with table, two chairs, carpet, lighting and electricity

*  Optional opportunity to use a data scanner to collect detailed leads

*  Logo, profile and video on the official fair website

*  Listing and contact details in the official fair catalogue

*  Access to discount hotel accommodation, translators and onshore printing services

Expo-Estudiante – Fall 2017

Panama City
9 Sep 2017
12 Sep 2017
14 Sep 2017
16 - 17 Sep 2017
19 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017
23 - 24 Sep 2017
26 - 27 Sep 2017
US$ 1,900 US$1,900 US$ 2,700 US$ 4,200 US$ 2,700 US$ 1,900 US$ 4,200 US$ 4,200
US$ 1,710 US$1,710 US$ 2,430 US$ 3,800 US$ 2,430 US$ 1,710 US$ 3,800 US$ 3,800

All prices reflect the cost of a 6m2 furnished stand.  Larger stands or pavilions are available and commonly utilised. 

The students

How we connect with your travel ready students


Our Google accredited marketing team drive a customised visitor promotion campaign that directly reflects the institutions and countries that are exhibiting at the fair.

  • Marketing channels
  • Search engine marketing campaigns based on your course and study destination
  • Alliances with local embassies, national study organisations and advising centres. See our partners.
  • Cooperation with key scholarship agencies such as COLFUTURO in Colombia, Pronabec in Peru, BECAS in Chile and SENESCYT in Ecuador. 
  • On campus promotion at top universities and private high schools
  • BMI’s collective digital audience reaches over 400,000 Latin American students a month via our web site, social media and study abroad newsletters
  • Highly targeted advertising in print and outdoor media
  • Targeted media and corporate sponsors provide us direct access into the homes of affluent families

Collect student data and increase conversions

Lead management is a crucial component of any student recruitment campaign. Our proprietary data scanner technology allows you to collect detailed student information in real time. Details such as name, contact info and key information on what course, country and intended date of study are all captured. Your database will be ready for follow up the moment you walk out the door of the fair. Simple, easy, effective.

Helping you in Latin America

Print in Latin America

Avoid costly shipping and customs problems. BMI can manage your printing in Latin America and have it waiting for you on your stand or delivered to local partners such as agents or advising centres.

Lost In translation

Translators can be organised to help you on your stand. They are especially helpful when talking with parents or if you are only sending one representative.

Save on accomodation

As an exhibitor you will gain access to discounted room rates before, during, and after the fair.

Printing of stands graphics

Tired of carrying posters and pop up stands? Printing your graphics directly onto the stand walls looks fantastic, professional and is very cost effective.

Organisations who frequently participate

Media Partners & Sponsorship