Grow your student enrollments at Brazil’s leading international student fair

Now in it's 22nd year, Salão do Estudante is unquestionably the largest and most important series of international student recruitment fairs in Latin America. In September 2016, over 27,488 students parents and executives visited Salão do Estudante to meet more than 115 institutions from 20 countries.  

When planning your strategy for Brazil, it is wise to listen to colleagues who are active in the region, but it is also important to look at what local education agents are doing. Salão do Estudante is the first choice every time! 

Organisations such as Education USA, Education Ireland, EduCanada, Campus France, Universities Portugal and almost every major educational agency in Brazil participate in Salão do Estudante. They are in the market and so always choose the event that delivers the best enrollment outcomes. 

The Salão do Estudante tour presents institutions with a number of different recruitment opportunities:

1. Meet thousands of students and parents, who are in the process of choosing their course abroad. Recruit directly or with the help of your local agent. 

2. Visit leading private high schools in São Paulo, Brazilia and Salvador to give presentations to students and meet with principals and student counsellors.  


Salão do Estudante - Fall 2017

Porto Alegre
28 Sep 2017
São Paulo
30 - 1 Oct 2017
São Paulo fairs in 2 High Schools
2 Oct 2017
Rio de Janeiro
3 Oct 2017
Rio de Janeiro Barra
4 Oct 2017
Belo Horizonte
5 Oct 2017
7 Oct 2017
Brasilia fair in High School
9 Oct 2017
9 Oct 2017
Salvador fair in High School
11 Oct 2017
11 Oct 2017
US$2,700 US$4,200 US$850 US$3,300 US$2,700 US$2,700 US$2,700 US$500 US$2,700 US$500 US$2,700
US$2,430 US$3,800 US$680 US$2,700 US$2,430 US$2,430 US$2,430 US$390 US$2,430 US$390 US$2,430

What’s included in the exhibitor package?

*  A customised marketing campaign that promotes your institution, course levels and destinations

*  A fully fitted exhibition stand, with table, two chairs, carpet, lighting and electricity

*  Opportunity to use a data scanner to collect detailed leads

*  Logo, profile and video on the official fair website

*  Access to discount hotel accommodation, translators and onshore printing services

*  The option to incorporate visits to leading private High Schools into your schedule

All prices reflect the cost of a 6m2 furnished stand, with the exception of the fairs that are in held High Schools,  which are in a table and chairs format. Larger stands or pavilions are available and commonly utilised. 

The students

How we connect with your travel ready students


Our Google accredited marketing team drive a customized visitor promotion campaign that directly reflects the institutions and countries that are exhibiting at the fair.

  • Marketing channels
  • Search engine marketing campaigns based on your course and study destination
  • Alliances with local embassies, national study organization and advising centers.
  • On campus promotion at top universities and private high schools
  • BMI’s collective digital audience reaches over 400,000 Latin American students a month via our web site, social media and study abroad newsletters
  • Targeted media and corporate sponsors provide us direct access into the homes of affluent families

Collect student data and increase conversions

Lead management is a crucial component of any student recruitment campaign. Our proprietary data scanner technology allows you to collect detailed student information in real time. All name, contact info and key information on what course, country and intended date of study are all captured.

Your database will be ready for follow up the moment you walk out the door of the fair. Simple, easy, effective.


Helping you in Brazil

We know our clients are extremely busy and are consistently traveling the world. To help reduce the stress, BMI offer a range of support services that makes operating in Brazil easier and more cost effective.

Print In Brazil

Avoid costly shipping and customs problems. BMI can manage your printing in Brazil and have it waiting for you on your stand or delivered to local partners such as agents or advising centres.

Lost In translation

Translators can be organised to help you on your stand. They are especially helpful when talking with parents or if you are only sending one representative.

Save on accomodation

As an exhibitor you will gain access to discounted room rates before, during, and after the fair.

Printing of stands graphics

Tired of carrying posters and pop up stands? Printing your graphics directly onto the stand walls looks fantastic, professional and is very cost effective.

Organisations who frequently participate

Media Partners & Sponsors