Recruit students from the United Arab Emirates

An affluent mobile population, with an emphasis on gaining a high-quality education along with ever-growing scholarship programmes, makes the UAE a dynamic recruitment opportunity. Three distinct groups make up the almost 5,000 visitors we receive each series: - National citizens with access to generous scholarship programmes - Wealthy inter-generational expatriate families - Western expatriates whose children attend international schools

One of the richest nations in the world, the UAE is a country of ambition and education is a fundamental priority for both families and the government – at both local and national levels.

The United Arab Emirates has one of the highest GDPs in the world and continues to grow with continued international and local investment.

Emiratis students typically speak Arabic but almost all students (and parents) speak English and are eager to practice or make use of their skill overseas.

The UAE is also a country full of ambition. Despite excellent in-country high schools and universities, a large number of students (and parents) choose to study overseas. Unlike many other countries, local students who meet the criteria have access to unlimited scholarships and expatriate parents have the funds to support the international study ambitions of their children.

To complement the UAE Global Education Fair, BMI will take a limited number of accredited institutions to visit exclusive high schools in the key cities of the Emirates including Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The schools we visit are high-level private schools, many of whom run to an international curriculum or offer the International Baccalaureate. These high schools have been selected as they pro-actively prepare their students for studying abroad. By example, we visited the below schools in April 2017: 

• Ras Al Khaimah Academy • JSS Private School Dubai • American International School • CAS Dubai • ADNOC Schools Boys • ADNOC Schools Girls • Raha International School • Le Royal Meridien Hotel Abu Dhabi • Emirates National Schools (Girls) • Emirates National Schools (Boys) • Collegiate American School

During each visit you will participate in an on-campus mini-fair that will directly connect you to senior students, parents and high school counsellors. These visits are specifically designed for institutions who are looking to recruit at the undergraduate level or via pathway programmes. Transport is provided to and from the high schools as well as lunch on each day.

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  • Organized from BMI's offices in the UAE, located within Dubai International Academic City
  • Visited by over 4,000 students in the final stages of selecting their course and institution
  • Collect student data using the free BMI Smart Scan app
Dates City Country Standard Rate
28 - 1 Mar 2018 Dubai High School Mini Fairs UAE US$ 1,500
2 - 3 Mar 2018 Dubai UAE US$ 4,200
4 Mar 2018 Abu Dhabi UAE US$ 2,700
5 Mar 2018 Abu Dhabi / Al Ain High School Mini Fairs UAE US$ 850
Dubai High School Mini Fairs
28 - 1 Mar 2018
US$ 1,500
2 - 3 Mar 2018
US$ 4,200
Abu Dhabi
4 Mar 2018
US$ 2,700
Abu Dhabi / Al Ain High School Mini Fairs
5 Mar 2018
US$ 850

What's Included?

Each exhibitor will receive (click below to see details):

Fully fitted exhibition stand

Free Student Scanner App

Save on accommodation

Marketing campaign

Brand exposure

Extra Services:

To make your participation easy and successful BMI provides the following optional services:

Print in the Gulf

Lost in translation

Printing of stand graphics

How we connect you with the right students

BMI deploy a multi-channel marketing strategy that is based on the individual recruitment needs of each of our participating exhibitors. By utilizing the following channels, we connect you with students who are in the final stages of choosing their international course and institution.

  • Search Engine Marketing Campaign
  • Strong Networks
  • On Campus Promotion
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Direct Access to Affluent Families

Visitor Statistics

UAE Global Education Fairs - March 2017


Abu Dhabi 714
Dubai 1.496
Total 2.210

When do they plan to study?

Within 3 months 13%
3 - 6 months 26%
In 6 months - 1 year 33%
In 1 year or more 28%

Where do they want to study?

Australia 18%
Canada 36%
China 7%
France 22%
Germany 17%
Holland 6%
India 26%
Ireland 15%
Italy 4%
Lebanon 8%
Malaysia 17%
New Zealand 4%
Oman 7%
Qatar 21%
Singapore 15%
South Africa 3%
Spain 8%
Switzerland 11%
Thailand 8%
UAE 24%
UK 35%
USA 37%

Which courses do they want to take?

Undergraduate 46%
PhD 10%
MBA 14%
Masters 37%
Language Programmes 18%
Career Based / Vocational 17%
Certificate / Diploma Courses 25%
Executive Programmes 14%
High School / Summer Camps 8%

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