Viva-Mundo is a powerful digital marketing platform that allows your institution to engage with over 400,000 Latin American students a month.

Build a customised web campaign that specifically targets the Latin American countries and students you want to reach.

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Increase your Latin American student enquiries is a powerful course search engine that allows you to engage with Latin American students at the point when they are searching for an international course.

Using website localisation is able to serve content and advertising campaigns in Portuguese for Brazilian visitors, or in Spanish for the rest of the Latin America. This allows greater control of your advertising, your message and most importantly your budget.

Advertising Options

Dynamic response generating profiles, featured home page promotional campaigns, social media, newsletter and integrated content opportunities are all-available on Viva Mundo.

Student Enquiries

Student enquiries are immediately emailed to you and are also stored in your private login area ready for down load at any moment in CRM friendly formats.

Track your ROI

Run your own campaign reports at any time to track every lead, click and student interaction.

Viva Mundo Webinars

Bringing Latin American students to you

Our facilitated Viva Mundo Webinar service provides an intimate way of communicating with a large group of Latin American students. Save yourself time and money by connecting with a highly receptive audience of students from the comfort of your office. Each webinar offers a guaranteed minimum attendance of students who are interested in a specific subject, course level and most importantly, your country.

How it works

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    Your Campaign Manager will work with you to establish the courses you wish to recruit for, the countries you want to target and the exact profile of students you want to reach.

  • 2


    Utilizing our extensive database and online reach, we will launch a dedicated marketing campaign to attract a pre-agreed number of students for your webinar.

  • 3


    During the webinar your campaign manager will be there to support you, help facilitate student questions and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • 4


    Immediately after the webinar you will receive detailed information and contact details of all registered students, ready for you to begin the all-important follow up process.

Your webinar will be available for viewing on an on-going basis on ensuring you receive exposure and leads for months to come.

Turn interest into enrolments

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Email Marketing

A database of 400,000 Latin American students

Email Direct Marketing is a quick and cost-effective way to communicate with students. Data mine the students you want to reach from our active database of over 400,000 Latin American students. Viva Mundo will then manage the mailing process, providing detailed reporting at the conclusion of the campaign.

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Social Media & News

Got something to shout about?

Lets us help spread the word, communicate with students through our various social media and news channels that form a community of over 600,000 students who are planning their study abroad. We can help you promote special offers, communicate announcements and write advertorials on your institution.

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Viva Mundo by the Numbers


 Average Monthly Visits

55% Brazil

Top 5 Cities:

São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Brasilia

43% Latin America

Top 5 Countries:

Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Venezuela


Brazil 98,800

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Latin America 70,700

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400 000

Access 400,000 Latin American's through emails shots, webinars or the monthly Viva Mundo newsletter


Visitors to a BMI Latin American fairs a year

BMI organises 42 student fairs in 6 Latin American countries a year. We use these as a platform to heavily promote Viva Mundo. From the Viva Mundo pavilion our trained staff use the site to advise students on their study options and collect enquiries for our partner institutions.

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